May 042011

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BETHANY BEACH — The Rehoboth Beach Film Society is expanding its popular monthly film series to a new location in Bethany Beach.

On Friday, DiFebo’s restaurant at Bear Trap Dunes will host a special screening of the 2010 Oscar-nominated Live Action Short Films a week after they’re shown in Rehoboth.

Luke Matheny, who won the Academy Award last year in the Live Action Short category had shown previously at a RBFS festival as a student.

“He’s actually from Wilmington … so it seemed like a no-brainer that we needed to show that,” said Wendi Dennis, Education/Outreach Coordinator for RBFS. “We showed one of his earlier films. It was called ‘Earano’ like Cyrano, the guy with the nose — but it was called ‘Earano’ and it was this guy who had realty big ears and all this stuff and he was trying to get this girl and he did and it was very sweet and cute.”

Other nominated films include “The Confession” and “Wish 143” (both from the United Kingdom), “The Crush” (from Ireland), and “Na Wewe” (from Belgium).

“What was unusual, that I noticed, is that most of them were in English,” Dennis said. “It’s usually a lot of different ones from different places.”

The screening will be done “theater-style” in an area separate from the restaurant’s dining room, although patrons can purchase and enjoy drinks from the bar during the films.

“It’s a civilized way of watching a film,” Dennis said.

Guests who dine at the restaurant that night will also receive 10 percent off their check.

“I think it’s really cool that we are bringing these films to the Eastern Shore,” Dennis said. “People who are film fans will like to go and see all Oscar-nominated films right around Oscar time and it’s really hard to see the short films. Some of the bigger cities — they’ll do a thing where they show all the nominated shorts — but it’s always in big cities. So, after the Oscars are over I do try to get them down here because otherwise people aren’t going to have the opportunity to see them. So here they are. Oscar Shorts? Come on. Everybody wants to see them. I know I want to see them.”

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