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Residents asked to rank Adopt-a-Canal end projects

SOUTH BETHANY — The Beautification Committee is asking residents to rate projects recently completed as part of the town’s Adopt-a-Canal End and Adopt-a-Road End programs.

Today through Saturday, the committee is asking residents to evaluate each of the six projects on a scale of one to five, with five being the highest rating. The goal, committee members say, is to foster community spirit and celebrate the project’s completion.

Last year, the town launched the initiatives, which aim to restore canal and street ends. At the specified areas, which were overgrown and neglected, program participants planted various types of approved foliage — including trees, shrubs and flowers — that not only make the area more attractive but also filter stormwater.

The volunteers gather ideas, create a plan and set their own schedule for completion and commit to take care of the canal end for a full year, said Sue Callaway, a councilwoman and committee chairwoman.

“We saw a need for improvement on the canal and road ends and determined that since there were limited town funds, encouraging volunteerism, community participation and spirit was a good idea,” she said. “The finished product is definitely an improvement.”

Projects were completed along Route 1 near the Anchorage Canal, on Bayshore Drive, Canal and Russell roads, West 11th Street, Peterson Avenue and Canal Road between Third and Fourth streets.

Sharon Nonn, a committee member who adopted the road end on Bayshore Drive, said she wanted to get involved because it was something positive for the town.

While she and her husband own a landscaping business, the work that needed to be done is something anyone could do, she said. If minimal upkeep is done, the canal and road ends will continue to look great, she said.

“We’re just happy as anything with the results that we’ve had. While we were doing the work and after, we’ve had a lot of compliments,” Nonn said. “(The program) is a really good idea to help improve the looks of the town and bring people on the street together. It’s immediate gratification.”

Residents can pick up contest ballots at Town Hall, located at 402 Evergreen Road, and the winner will be recognized for their efforts and contributions, Callaway said.

“Besides our beautiful beaches, the canals are an integral part of South Bethany’s personality,” she said. “We want people to notice them and enjoy them.”

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