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On Sunday, Sept. 4, at 7 p.m., local author and financial “wizard,” Marvin McIntyre will be signing his newly released book, “The Insiders,” at Bethany Beach Books.

McIntyre has more than 40 years of experience in the financial industry and is currently serving as the managing director of a brokerage firm in Washington, D.C. Having always wanted to write a book, McIntyre found his inspiration in the industry where he already excelled.

“I’ve always wanted to write a book,” he explained. “Actually, for a short period of time, I taught English and public speaking, before I got into the financial business. I was very comfortable with the dialogue part of it, but I was having trouble finding a plot I could sort of sink my teeth into. And then along came the global panic of 2008, and all of a sudden I had a topic where I could’ve written three to four books.

“That was probably the genesis – that and a bizarre imagination,” McIntyre said. “I got to work and literally loved every minute of the process.”

“The Insiders” follows veteran financial advisor Mac McGregor, who’s given the mission to “clean up Wall Street.” The mission leads to a “dangerous game” that involves financial espionage, torture and even murder.

McIntyre said he was able to get invaluable advice from friend and New York Times best-selling author David Baldacci, who gave McIntyre notes on his first draft.

“I was able to give him my first draft, and he made some great comments. Then, when I finished the second draft, I looked back through the first draft, and I was like, ‘Who wrote this? This isn’t any good at all.’”

“The Insiders” takes place in various locations but the story begins and ends in Bethany Beach, where McIntyre and his family have had a home for more than 30 years.

“The action starts in Bethany Beach, where we have a home and live now. And it also ends up in Bethany Beach. In the book, there’s a description of a parish church, Mariner’s [Bethel], and an incident takes place in there… It’s fun just for the local flavor kind of thing.”

McIntyre said there are also some resemblances to a few local residents, including Bethany Beach resident and former town councilman Harry Steele.

“Harry is the only guy I’ve ever met where, if you say you’re a friend of Harry Steele’s, the first answer everybody gives you is, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry,’” he said with a laugh. “Then they go on to tell you how much they love him.

“Harry, when I was writing the book, kept telling me, ‘You gotta put me in! You gotta put me in!’ So, it worked well. Anytime it’s fiction, you have to deny there’s any resemblance, but if someone knew them, there might be some resemblance.”

He added that writing has been a creative outlet for him and that it has been thrilling to explore situations that wouldn’t necessarily be possible in real life.

“You have people today who, for the last three years, have been concerned about the volatility and the turmoil of the financial market,” he said. “I think one of the advantages is that, in fiction, sometimes you can say things in fiction that, if you said them otherwise, you might not be able to because of the business that you’re in.

“I think that, hopefully, to me, it’s thrilling, I feel absolutely humbled and just blessed in so many ways that this is just one more way,” he noted.

McIntyre said the novel speaks to a wide audience, not just those who are interested in the financial markets.

“Anybody in the financial industry or people that are CNBC watchers – those people will particularly like it, but also anyone who likes thrillers. It’s got, hopefully, the required action and suspense that’s necessary for a thriller. So I think it’s a relatively broad audience. You want people to like it and have fun with it… So I tried to have the suspense but also mix a little bit of humor in there.”

McIntyre said he will be donating 100 percent of his profits to Baldacci’s Wish You Well Foundation and the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy, to support literacy programs, as reading has always been such an important aspect of his life.

“Reading has been such a gift to, not only me, but to my wife and to my family… my mom and dad… We’re all just book-aholics.”

Since the book’s release earlier this month, McIntyre has already received feedback from various readers who are excited about the idea of seeing the story continue. So he’s already started writing the sequel.

“I do think the next one will go much quicker, because you learn a lot as you go along,” he said, noting it took about two and a half years to write “The Insiders.”

McIntyre will be doing various promotional engagements all along the East Coast, from Washington, D.C., to Florida, and he said he is tickled that his dream of writing a book has become a reality.

“It is exciting. I went into the bookstore and I actually saw the book, and I felt like a kid the first time he’s allowed to eat candy… It was a great feeling.”

He said that the signing in Bethany is extra-special, due to his own personal affinity for the beach.

“I love that bookstore! It’s a fabulous bookstore. I don’t want bookstores to become an anachronism. I love people that still keep that flavor,” he said. “To me, Bethany is my favorite slice of heaven. So the absolute love I have just comes through every pore that I have. It’s just the best.”

Bethany Beach Books is located at 99 Garfield Parkway in Bethany Beach. For more information on the signing, call (302) 539-2522.

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