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BETHANY BEACH — Bethany Beach resident Frank Petti says he looks forward to many changes the end of summer brings.

“The weather is better for seniors and the water temperature is the best this time of year,” he said.

Petti says he’s looking forward to less traffic, fewer crowds and the meters being deactivated.

Visitors to beaches from Ocean City to Lewes can expect changes in parking, pets and crowds. For some beaches, they take place soon; for others, the busy season is still here.

“Labor Day does not mean the town has shut down,” said Ocean City spokesperson Donna Abbott.

Beach Patrol will be present on Ocean City beaches through Sept. 25.

“We still have a busy month ahead of us,” Abbott said.

Upcoming events include Bike Week and Sunfest, among others.

Abbott said roaming beach patrol will take over once the permanent beach patrol ends.

Parking meters and the ban on pets are still in effect for Ocean City beaches, Abbott said.

Dewey Beach is allowing pets on a day-by-day basis, says Beach Patrol Captain Todd Fritchman. He said visitors should check with the lifeguards before bringing their pets to Dewey. Beach Patrol ended Sept. 11, when visitors swim at their own risk.

Fenwick Island’s website says pets are allowed beginning Oct. 1 and parking permits are required in the city limits through Sept. 15.

Part-time Bethany Beach resident Lynn Skynear said she thinks it’s fine to take pets on the beach.

“(But) large dogs should be on a leash,” Skynear said, adding such practice would keep smaller dogs safe.

Gigi Vandermann, a full-time Bethany Beach resident, says allowing pets only in the winter would be preferable.

“I think pets should be kept off the beach (until winter),” she said.

Rehoboth City Manager Greg Ferrese said the beach patrol is on duty through Sept. 25. Ferrese said pets are allowed on the beach Oct. 1.

“Our meters are in effect through midnight Sept. 18,” Ferrese said.

All pets visiting the beach must be licensed, leashed and vaccinated.

Ocean City

Pets: Oct. 1

Beach patrol’s last day: Sept. 25

Paid parking for metered lots and street areas ends Oct. 15

Fenwick Island

Pets: Oct. 1; all must be licensed, vaccinated and leashed

Beach patrol’s last day: Sept. 18

Parking permits required through Sept. 15

Bethany Beach

Pets: Beach rules involving pets are enforced by the Beach Patrol during lifeguard hours.

Beach patrol’s last day: Sept. 25

Parking meters come down Sept. 15

Dewey Beach

Pets: Owners should call the beach patrol before arriving with their pets

Beach patrol’s last day: Sept. 11

Parking meters come down Sept. 15


Pets: Oct. 1

Beach patrol’s last day: Sept. 25

Parking fees apply through Sept. 19

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