Nov 152011


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BETHANY BEACH — The town may offer a free trolley service for residents if there is enough interest from the community.

According to the town’s website, the town trolley would pick up residents at their homes, or a pre-designated location, once a week and take them to area grocery stores, pharmacies and shops.

The intent is to offer the service to Bethany residents who no longer drive or who don’t feel comfortable behind the wheel. The specifics of what the service would entail will be determined after officials gauge public interest, said Mayor Tony McClenny.

“We’ve been talking about this off and on for a long time,” he said. “It was one of the things we discussed at the time we first thought of (having) a trolley.”

Some of the decisions — such as if it will be offered year-round and where the trolley will go — will be determined if and when the service is offered. While the service would be free for participating residents, there would be a cost to the town, McClenny said.

Resident Jane Fowler said she remembers when the discussion of the free service first began. Although she will be moving out of Bethany soon, she supports the idea.

With so many year-round residents that are elderly, some who are still driving and some who are not, the service would be beneficial, she said.

“If I were going to be here, I think I would really appreciate it,” Fowler said.

Those who are interested in the service are urged to call Town Hall. A timeline has not yet been determined.

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