Dec 202011


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In spite of the holiday season starting up sooner than ever this year, somehow Christmas managed to slip up on me. Maybe it was the warmer than usual weather we had recently. Whatever the reason, no presents have been purchased yet around my house.

Actually this year, we have been talking about just doing stockings. That requires that everything has to be able to fit into an oversize stocking, which theoretically means that we keep the costs down to just a few dollars per gift. It sounds so practical and economical. We always say we’re going to do that, but then at the last minute I usually run out to get “just a couple of small things” and lose my resolve to keep it simple for yet another year.

But this year, I think we’re going to stick with our plan. College is the Christmas Grinch this year. With two of my kids flying back and forth to California it has pretty much decimated our discretionary income column. But just because we do the stocking thing it doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun or meaningful. I can think of a few things I wouldn’t mind seeing in my stocking this year. First off, I could really use some cold water wax. The last couple of weeks I’ve been using some left over summer base wax I found in the back of my car and it’s almost as bad as using nothing at all. Just make sure it says cold water on it, it doesn’t smell like bubble gum, and preferably Sex Wax or Sticky Bumps. At a buck fifty per bar, you can stuff three or four in there and still have room and the budget for a lot more stuff.

If your favorite surfer is like me and carrying a few extra pounds from a few too many stops at Dunkin’ Donuts on the way to check the waves, then maybe another idea for a stocking stuffer would be a gift card from one of the local gyms. For instance, Sea Colony offers a great deal on their drop in cards during the off-season, which allows you to take part in a variety of exercise classes, use the fitness equipment or swim in the pool. Most of us surfers could benefit from a few laps in the pool, and would appreciate the subtle hint to get back into shape again. You can buy the cards according to anticipated visits. I think the smallest denomination is for five visits, so it goes easy on the gift budget.

Surf magazines are another thing that will fit into the budget and the stocking as well. Magazines are getting thinner and thinner in a losing battle with the Internet. But most of us still like to look at all those glossy photos of perfect waves. And the smaller size is perfect for those bathroom breaks. Just big enough to keep you occupied during the most important session of the day.

Still have some room in the stocking? Well, how about a beanie hat. It’s the required uniform for surfers these days. They are even wearing them year-round. Get one of those extra long ones that look like they belong on one of the Seven Dwarfs. They’re cool … if you’re under 30.

A surf leash will fit in there as well and it says you care. Not that it will really save your life perhaps, but it keeps you from having to swim in icy cold water. And if you care about skin cancer, then a SPF sunblock face stick is a good thing to pick up as well. It may or may not help with the cancer part, but it may help with the infamous neck tan that surfers get during the winter time from wearing a wetsuit. Headhunters or Sun Bum make some good ones.

A visit to your local surf shop will provide a bunch of other spiffy ideas for the surfer in your life. This is an important holiday for us fun seekers. Despite the economic chill, you can still warm a surfer’s heart with a few well-thoughtout gifts.

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