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Help us list the many things that make Bethany Beach and its surrounding towns (Fenwick Island, Ocean View, Millville, etc.) a great place to be – from “A” to “Z”!

We would love to have as many entries as possible for each letter, so feel free to add to our list by leaving a reply under the post.


is for Nature. There is so much natural beauty in the Bethany Beach and Fenwick Island areas, it’s impossible to take it all in at just one setting.

For starters, you can learn all about the local habitat in Bethany Beach at the Bethany Beach Nature Center located on Route 26. As their website  points out, it’s there where you can learn about the “flora and fauna found in the 26 acres of conservation area, which includes 3 acres of forested uplands, 9 acres of freshwater wetlands, and 14 acres of tidal wetlands.”

Of course, Fenwick Island is noted for its State Park, which offers a relaxing three-mile stretch of barrier island where visitors can enjoy the sand, surf, and sun along Delaware’s Atlantic coast.

One group that understands the importance of the local area’s natural habit is the Delaware Center for the Inland Bays, a group that works endlaessly to help restore the local habitat and educate the community on how they can do the same.

There’s lots to love about the scenery of the Bethany-Fenwick area, let us know what your favorite thing about natural surroundings of the area are in the comments section below!

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