Jun 262012


Local resident, and current Auburn University student Marisa Grimes, has been selected to be a torchbearer at this Summer’s Olympic Games in London.

As told to Delawareonline.com, The 19-year-old, who is the daughter of ResortQuest real estate agent Marc Grimes, was selected for her ongoing charitable work over the years and will carry the Olympic torch for .18 of a mile on July 9.

“It’s definitely an honor to represent America’s youth. Only 10 kids were chosen from America, so I’m really grateful to have a chance to go,” Grimes said in the article. “It’s so important to find your passion – whatever it may be – and always give back in any way you can. You never know whose life you’re going to change.”

Grimes, a high school graduate of nearby Worcester Preparatory School in Berlin, Md., began her charity efforts her senior year there and continued them throughout college, helping those in need due to a variety of circumstances.

Read more about Grimes’ story and her Olympic experience in the full article at Delawareonline.

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