Jul 192012

Help us list the many things that make Bethany Beach and its surrounding towns (Fenwick Island, Ocean View, Millville, etc.) a great place to be – from “A” to “Z”!

We would love to have as many entries as possible for each letter, so feel free to add to our list by leaving a reply under the post.

is for the Quiet Resorts Charitable Foundation! This non-profit group sets out to improve the quality of life in the Bethany-Fenwick and surrounding areas by providing financial aid, resources and other assistance in support of programs, individuals and organizations.

The QRCF aims to promote the growth and overall improvement of the area by providing grants and scholarships and hosting popular community fundraising events such as golf tournaments, 5K runs and holiday celebrations. 

With the collections earned through such fundraising events, the group “gives priority to organizations and programs that inspire neighborhood improvement, improve social services, enhance educational efforts, and benefit the area and its citizens.”

For more information on the QRCF and its goals, visit the official Website at www.qrcf.org

Tell us any stories you have of the QRCF and its local influence or give us any ideas you’d like for us to include for the letter Q, and we’ll add it to the bottom of this post!


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