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Help us list the many things that make Bethany Beach and its surrounding towns (Fenwick Island, Ocean View, Millville, etc.) a great place to be – from “A” to “Z”!

We would love to have as many entries as possible for each letter, so feel free to add to our list by leaving a reply under the post.

is for Totem Pole. That’s right, we’re talking about the famous Chief Little Owl totem pole that greets everyone who enters Bethany Beach!

The 24-foot statue at the downtown entrance to Bethany Beach has been a landmark for over 35 years now and has gone through various reincarnations. As the Town of Bethany Website explains:

“The first statue stood from 1976 until weakened by termites, it was destroyed by high winds in 1992. The remains were relocated to the Nanticoke Indian Museum in Millsboro, DE.

The second, done by sculptor Dennis Beach, lasted until 2000, when rot forced the Town to take it down.

Peter Wolf Toth created this newest version from a red cedar log from the Pacific Northwest which should last from 50 to 150 years. It was dedicated on July 15, 2002.”

For decades, people have marveled at Chief Little Owl, and that tradition will continue to decades to come – making this one of the areas true landmarks!

Let us know any memories you have of Bethany’s famed totem pole or let us know what you can think of for letter T in the comments section below!


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