Dec 072012


The Delaware Wave has profiled a brand new Brazilian restaurant that recently opened in Millville,  Sirlae’s Churrascaria Brazilian Steak House. Since opening in late-October inside the Millville Town Center, this steak house has been offering authentic Brazilian-style cuisines to coastal Delaware residents and visitors.

“Featuring a truly unique style when it comes to food preparation, Sirlae’s grills its meats in the same fashion Brazilians have for centuries.

“We still do it the way they did 300 years ago and it rings true to this day,” he said. “We use only lump charcoal and we slow roast our meats over a mesquite fire. It’s really a unique cooking style.”

Fernando Dandas, head chef, is dedicated to bringing a unique dining experience to coastal Delaware.

“Many restaurants these days, including Brazilian steakhouses, have switched over to gas grills,” Lockhart said. “When you do that, you lose something. When you taste the flavor in the meat here, it’s different.”

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